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Starboard Industries has the expertise to meet the ever-changing demands of our client’s technology-based needs. Whether it’s the locally owned market stands evolving from cash drawers to cloud-based POS solutions or Protecting our Nation’s War Fighters most valuable information and assets - we possess the required experience and knowledge base.  

Our wide breadth of capabilities expands throughout all Information Technology (IT) and Low Voltage Systems & Solutions (LVSS) to include, but not limited to, systems and solutions architecture, formal design & engineering processes, installation and implementation as well as ongoing management, maintenance and support. Our expertise resides in IP based solutions, LAN/WAN networking, systems administration, infrastructure  solutions, electronic security solutions, physical security solutions, and critical infrastructure planning & engineering. 

In addition to our systems and solutions offerings, we provide custom software and mobile application design, development and integration as well as bring forth extensive experience within the Internet of Things.  We create world-class solutions for world-class clients by providing the subject matter expertise and experience across all things IT. 

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